You’ve spent a grand, now don’t skimp on the best iPhone X screen protectors

The iPhone X, Apple’s new top-of-the-line iPhone, has a speedy A11 Bionic processor, dual rear cameras, and a state-of-the-art facial recognition system — Face ID — that’s more secure than Touch ID. It’s by far the most advanced iPhone ever released, it’s also the most expensive. That’s quite an investment, and no better reason to pick up a durable screen protector for your iPhone X. Apple’s flagship is IP67 rated for water- and dust-resistance, but the company makes no claims the glass back and front will survive drops on concrete, tile, or less forgiving surfaces. Luckily, accessory makers are more than happy to fill the need. Check out our a list of the best iPhone X screen protectors and where to buy them. When you’re finished, don’t forget to check out our guide to the best iPhone X cases.

Baseus Glass Film Set for iPhone X (Front Film + Back Film)

Sale 40% from original price! Only US$15.99, you can have both Front Glass Film + Back Glass Film. Glass film Protector is designed from the ground up to protect the iPhone X from impact damage. It boasts a 9H hardness rating and low profile that won’t mess with the touch responsiveness of the iPhone X’s screen or 3D Touch haptics. Baseus’s advance anti-fingerprint oil technology prevents smudges, and a multi-layer design guarantees a high degree of scratch resistance.

Buy it now from : Seagullgadget US$15.99 (Sale 40%)

Baseus PET Soft 3D Anti-blue light Tempered Glass For iPhone X

Baseus PET Soft 3D Anti-blue light Tempered Glass is a low-profile, anti-scratch, high-tension tempered glass cover. PET soft edge screen protector, which does not deform, prevents edge breakage and provides considerate comprehensive protection. 3D curved attachment, which ensures tight fit without edge warping, disperses impact and prevents edge breakage. The anti-blue light function effectively blocks damage of blue light to the eyes and protect your eyesight. 0.23mm glass material is selected, which is thin and highly transparent with more smooth hand touch.

Buy it now from : Seagullgadget US$11.99

Baseus 0.15mm Transparent Slim Glass Film

Being only 0.15mm thick, it is equivalen to two A4 paper in thickness. So your iphone X is as slim as bare metal. The anti-blue light function effectively blocks damage of blue light to the eyes and protect your eyesight. The protector itself is rated at 9H hardness to make sure that your device’s screen will be save from any situation.

Buy it now from : Seagullgadget US$11.50

Baseus 0.23mm Soft Edge Anti-peeping Glass Film

Tired of people looking over your shoulder at your phone while you’re on the bus, out at a restaurant, or simply wandering round the streets? Maybe you want to use your mobile banking without worrying about watchers? Maybe you’re an international super-spy on a mission to save the head of KFC? Regardless of why, if you want to save your privacy, did you know you can get a screen protector that helps? This 0.23-millimeter-thick screen protector from Baseus appears fully transparent when viewed from the front, but will block out vision from the sides of the device, keeping straying eyes away from your precious data. It will make sharing cat videos slightly harder, but your security is assured. Plus, it offers the same benefits as normal glass screen protectors, with added scratch and drop-resistance.

Buy it now from : Seagullgadget US$15.99 (Sale 40%)

Baseus Back Glass Film

The film is made of high-quality 0.3mm thick glass and fit your back of iPhone X closely and perfectly. The case througth the exquisite matte process treatment to resist fingerprints. 9H tempered glass hardness do not scratch and damage your X. Lastly, this back glass is suitable for different cases to use. So you don’t have to worry that your favorite case will be useless.

Buy it now from : Seagullgadget US$11.50

Regardless of which screen protectors you decide on, you’ll be happy that you got one — especially after that first drop as you walk out of the Apple store. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Beside of above useful screen protector for iPhone X, you can see more choices for all iPhone Screen Protector at
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