What to Look for in a Cell Phone Armband

Cell phone armbands offer joggers, bikers, and other exercisers the ability to carry their phone without worry or discomfort. While strapped to an arm, a band allows consumers to listen to music and keep their phone close by in an easy, hands-free manner. With so many armbands available, from waterproof ones to those with extra pockets, consumers might find it difficult to choose the right type.

When purchasing a cell phone armband, first determine its compatibility with a specific phone, and then check out its features, such as water resistance, pocket availability, strap size, weight, and color. Armbands are generally inexpensive, but a higher priced item may be more durable, comfortable, and resistant to water and damage. Most buyers choose to purchase armbands in technology stores, cell phone shops, through Internet retailers, at flea markets, and on online websites

Cell Phone Armband Uses

Buyers might be wondering when they would actually use their cell phone armband. Most consumers enjoy using them for exercising in many forms, including jogging, biking, and working out at the gym. Many people even use an armband while swimming or surfing. Refer to the following chart to find out some of the many uses.


 Requires Water Resistance

Requires Waterproofing

 Special Features

 Gym Yes No Extra pocket for keys and cash
Jogging / Running / Biking Yes No Extra pocket for keys and cash
Hiking Maybe No Hook for carabiners
Camping Maybe No Hook for carabiners
Horseback Riding No No Extra resistant to falls
Watersports No Yes Ability to float
Scuba Diving No Yes – Deep Dive Ability to float

With dozens of cell phone armbands on the market, choosing the right one can seem daunting. However, once buyers have narrowed down what they will be using the armband for; they can pick the appropriate features to suit their needs.

Types of Cell Phone Armbands

There two main types of armbands: a holster armband with a closed pouch, and those armbands with a clear protective cover. In a holster armband, the user cannot access the phone’s functions unless he or she takes it out of the case. A clear protective cover allows the user to access a touchscreen function while it remains in the case. Each type maintains its own advantages and disadvantages.

Holster Armbands

Some armbands are simply pockets that are large enough to accommodate a phone. Users slip their phone into the pocket and close it with a flap that is secured by Velcro. Known as holster armbands, they are useful for regular flip phones and those devices that do not have a music player. The advantage of a closed pouch armband is the phone is generally more secure. In the event of inclement weather, a closed pouch armband helps protect the device from the elements. Additionally, some horseback riders prefer a holster armband, because it offers extra protection in the event of a fall.

Armbands with Clear Protective Cover

Many armbands feature a clear pouch that holds the cell phone. The screen is visible even when the phone sits inside the armband. Clear armbands are useful for touchscreen devices and smartphones. On most of these types of armbands, users are able to access all the functions of the phone while it remains inside the protective cover. Full access is particularly useful to those who listen to music from their cell phone.

Phone Manufacturer Compatibility

Perhaps the most important thing to look for in a cell phone armband is its manufacturer compatibility. An armband created for an iPhonemight not necessarily fit a Blackberry, and vice versa. When searching for a cell phone armband, always specify the type of phone it will be used with when performing the search. On the other hand, many armbands will actually fit multiple phones. Universal armbands help buyers expand their options and use the same armband for different phones. The advantage of a custom armband over a universal armband is the guarantee that the phone will fit snugly into the armband pouch.

While searching online, either through a search engine or on eBay, be very specific about the type of armband needed. Buyers do not want to purchase a band that does not fit their phone. For example, type in “armband for LG lucid” or “HTC Droid Pro waterproof armband.” Additionally, when shopping in a store, be sure to inform the sales representative of the buyer’s phone brand.

Armband Features

Cell phone armbands are generally the same size and shape. However, some offer more advanced features for the consumer’s convenience. Remember, buyers will always get what they pay for. A very inexpensive armband might save a few dollars upfront, but may fall apart, not fit properly, or not offer water protection. Given the overall low price of cell phone armbands, it is always best to spend a couple more dollars to get a better product.

Moisture / Water Resistant

Joggers, hikers, exercise enthusiasts, and campers will be particularly interested in a moisture resistant armband. Cell phones are highly susceptible to water damage, and even a few sweat particles can compromise its function. Most cell phone armbands are water resistant, so buyers should not have a hard time finding one. However, when reading over the product description, be certain it says “Water Resistant” or “Moisture Resistant.”


Buyers interested in using a cell phone armband for water sports absolutely need a waterproof design. While pricier, waterproof bands offer complete protection, even when used for swimming, surfing, waterboarding, and other water-heavy activities. Before using a waterproof armband for scuba diving, check to see how deep the water resistance will hold. Many armbands only offer up to twelve feet of water protection, so scuba divers should look for a “Deep Dive” armband. Additionally, be certain to purchase waterproof headphones or earbuds; regular headphones will not hold up well in the water.


Lightweight armbands are ideal. Carrying a cell phone on one’s arm can already be a bit cumbersome, so choosing an armband without a lot of extra weight is ideal. Look for an armband with a weight of 2.5 ounces or less. Most armbands are made from a cushy, foam material called neoprene, which is also used to make wet suits.

Adjustable Strap

Everyone’s body is different; therefore, adjustable straps are necessary requirements for cell phone bands. Most armbands feature a Velcro strap that threads through a loop, allowing users to adjust the strap to fit their arm. Some manufacturers will include a sizing chart, but look for armbands that fit arms eight to twenty inches around. Eight to twenty inches offers an acceptable range for very small to large arms. Some straps are thicker and wider than others, usually depending on whether or not they come with extra pockets for keys and cash.

Color and Style

Cell phone armbands are available in a wide selection of colors and styles. Many individuals prefer the simplicity of a traditional black armband with no specific design. Others enjoy the personality of a red, blue, pink, or multicolored armband. Color and design do not have any impact on the functionality of the armband, so buyers can choose whichever style they most enjoy.

Extra Features

A useful additional feature for an armband includes an extra pocket for a key and one for cash or other small items. Most armbands with a key pouch only provide enough space for a single house key or car key, so buyers should keep that in mind. Hikers and campers might want an armband with a hook for a carabiner or a bungee hook. Other extra features include the ability to float and additional cushioning to guard against damage.




Purchasing a cell phone armband isn’t as complicated as some might think. Buyers can start by deciding what the armband will be used for, whether it’s jogging, biking, hiking, water sports, gym exercise, or horseback riding. Then, pick the most appropriate features needed for that particular use, whether it’s waterproofing, extra pockets, or additional cushioning. Before buying a certain armband, be certain it is compatible with a specific phone manufacturer. Armbands are designed in different sizes to accommodate a variety of phones. When looking to purchase an armband, some buyers turn to a traditional holster armband while others enjoy the ease and convenience of a clear cover, which allows users to access their touchscreen while it is in the armband. Most consumers choose to purchase cell phone armbands in phone stores or on Segull Gadget Online Store.https://seagullgadget.com/sports-armband-and-wristband-cases/

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