Obviously, Samsung hasn’t specifically said the Note 9 will be revealed in Brooklyn, but consider the evidence. That’s definitely an S Pen in the invite photo, the Note 8 was unveiled at roughly the same time last year, and we’ve heard that the Note 9 just recently passed through the FCC. Let’s just call it a lock.

The particulars haven’t fully revealed yet, but by now we have a pretty good sense of what to expect: in addition to the traditional, massive screen, the Note 9 will come bearing one of Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 845 chipsets, an overhauled virtual assistant. The really interesting bit is how closely Samsung’s invitation focuses on the S Pen itself — it’s a very tight shot of the stylus’s button, and could signify that the company is working to expand the ways we use the S Pen. (This just so happens to dovetail with comments recently made by a fairly prominent leaker named Ice Universe.) Curiously, a tablet — likely the new Galaxy Tab S4 — went through the certification process alongside the phone, so we’re likely looking at a very busy morning.